Are you new to babywearing and would like to know more? Are you overwhelmed by the different slings & carriers on offer? Do you have babywearing experience but would like to learn an advanced skill like back carrying? Then a private consult is for you.

A babywearing consultation is a wonderful way to learn about slings, in a calm friendly setting. Consultations are one to one, giving you 100% focus and plenty of time. They are tailored to your exact needs and go at your own pace.

When you book you will be asked to answer a few questions in order to fully tailor your consultation. Payment is taken upon booking and there is a 48 hour cancellation policy. 

Once you have looked at the different consultation options below, please use the ‘Schedule Appointment’ button to book. Please email/message on socials if you have ANY questions before booking.

Consultations types:

90 minute consultation
Sling studio £40 | Your home £45

Who is this best for?

~ Parents with newborns or if you have no prior babywearing experience. In this time we will go through the basics of sling safety as well as take a look at different sling and carrier types. From there we will start a practice session with your chosen sling, working from our demo dolls, to your own baby!

~ Parents who have babywearing experience but want to learn a time-heavy skill such as advanced woven wraps.

~ Parents carrying multiples/twins or babies/parents with complex needs. This option makes sure we have enough time without feeling rushed.

60 minute consultation
Sling studio £30 | Your home £35

Who is this best for?

~ Parents who have prior babywearing experience but want to learn an advanced skill such as back carrying.

~ Those wanting an introduction to woven wraps.

~ Those who would like plenty of time to try multiple library options.

30 minute consultation
Sling studio £20

Who is this best for?

~ Parents who need a basic fit check of their own slings (up to two), or trying on a few library options.

~ Those who want to learn how to feed in a sling/carrier.

Consultation Package
Sling studio - 60 mins £42 | 90 mins £52
Your home - 60 mins £47 | 90 mins £57

If you know you will be hiring a sling/carrier at the end of your session, why not book your consult and hire together and save over 10%.

**For travel over 10 miles from the Sling Studio in Leyland a 50p per mile surcharge will apply (there and back)**

**Additional time is charged at £5 per 15 minutes (this is only possible if there are no bookings directly afterwards).**

To book a consultation in your home, please email or message via social media. To book a consultation at the Studio in Leyland, please use the ‘Schedule Appointment’ button below.